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The new sports drink.

For the new generation of athletes.




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“Gametime is the creator of the first alkaline water and interactive sports beverage.”


Gametime is raising the bar for the “new normal” way of life in a COVID-19 environment. The necessity of a better and healthier lifestyle has never been more important than it is right now! 

Our Mission: 

Gametime, as a Private Hydration club is committed to enriching the overall quality of life for our communities. Our vision to raise the bar from three cornerstones that are key to a healthier and more successful life. By educating a person and guiding them to improve not only their physical and mental health, but also their financial health as well, we elevate ourselves and our communities to new heights. 

The field is our home and we strive to provide everything an athlete will need to perform at their best! From proper hydration beverage options to high-quality and high performance sports apparel. Our alkaline infused water rapidly refuels your body to get you back in the game and keep you there!

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3 Health and Wellness components:

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Gametime is proud to announce our involvement in enriching our communities, through educating our striving young athletes over three cornerstones to improving everyday quality of life.

Physical Health: Proper hydration through our innovative alkaline water immediately restores the body’s supplies of fluids and electrolytes. A properly hydrated body aids in proper brain function for enhanced cognitive performance.

Mental Health: Gametime Hydration Supports and understands the value of collegiate sponsorships with branded supported companies. Over the 7 years Gametime has built a Brand name in sports apparel providing elite custom multi hydration and apparel activation from AAU - D1 sports. Saving our club partners millions of dollars in athletic apparel budgets. While providing a support system that expands far beyond uniform purchases.

Financial Health: Gametime fosters financial growth in our communities as well through the rebuilding of sporting and educational events that generate revenues able to be reinvested in the communities themselves. With Gametime partnership with 1Visus APP, a Interactive digital  PA system learning platform we have an opportunity to add value to programs that have sports  faculties. Adding   digital PA system communication options.  Helping athletic programs regain sportsmanship amongst students, while allowing faulty to “ Go Live “ via Sponsored monitors supplied by GameTime/ 1Visus App  


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